Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today is your 6th Birthday!! (Mommy just can't believe how darn fast this day came!)

We love you beautiful boy!!
We love your sweet smile and your kind, generous heart. 

We love your little smarty-pants ways and the how you light up when you're leaning something new.

We love how you laugh - the way your eyes crinkle up in the corners and how the sound of it fills a room with happiness.  

We love what an amazing big brother you are. 

We love that even when things aren't easy for you you keep trying.  Even when frustration overwhelms you and the sometimes tears come, you keep trying.  

We love the way you snuggle up close and give the world's best warm and fuzzy hugs.   

We even love your foot stomping to angry for words times.  (OK maybe we just think those are funny!)

We love the inside the outside the upside and all around sides of you!!  
We love you Neil-a-bear!!!
Happy happy birthday!!  Mommy & Daddy


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy!! Big 6!!

Calmil2 said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's great!!

Heather said...

What a sweet sweet post! Please wish him a Happy Birthday from us!!

Ladybugs appear said...


Amber said...

They grow up so fast. He is adorable!!!!!

m&r said...

Happy, happy birthday Neilan!!

Danni and Tommy said...

Love this sweet post and that sweet boy.