Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One year ago today....

..... the phone rang at 2 pm and I felt the earth move as I saw our daughter's beautiful face for the first time.

Our blog was private then.  I was to scared, to nervous something could go wrong to share it with anyone besides our family and close friends.  So here is my entry from that day - one year ago- when a phone call changed everything!

Today was the day! This afternoon the phone rang and our lives changed forever!! Jessica, our Gladney caseworker, was calling to tell us about our baby girl! Our baby girl! My hands began shaking - the kind of shaking you get when hearing life changing in the most amazing way, happiness without bounds kind of news! I asked Jessica if I could call her back because I needed to try and get Joe on the phone so we could hear about our daughter together. Joe is traveling on business in NY and Boston and I think I must have left about 100 messages on his cellphone to the effect of "CALLMENOWWEHAVEADAUGHTER!! JOECALLMEEEEEE!!!! CALLMENOWWWWW!!!!" No luck!  Today of all days I couldn't get him on the phone!!

I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until tomorrow to see our little girl without literally exploding all over the walls so Neilan and I called Jessica back and together we watched as his new baby sister's pictures came up on the computer screen!! And she is absolutely, totally and completely gorgeous!! Jessica began trying to go through all the paperwork with me but at this point I had to bribe Neilan (gummie worms galore and TV in the middle of the day!) so I could hear what she was saying. Jessica spent 30 minutes going through all of Kidist's information with me and I honestly don't think I heard half of what she said - I just couldn't take my eyes off our daughter's sweet, beautiful face.  Kidist is almost 9 months old. She is a tiny little thing with huge, soulful eyes that reach deep into your heart and grab ahold. She is simply beyond words and I am so profoundly grateful that I have been given this gift of getting to be her mother!   

Poor Joe!! He was able to finally call an hour later from the back seat of his cab as he was going through the tunnels in Boston. He was on a delayed flight from NY when the call came and had just gotten my many, many messages. Now my poor husband had to wait until getting to his hotel to see pictures of his new daughter.  When he called I could hear the sheer happiness in his voice as he told me he'd just seen his daughter's face.  Like me it was love at first sight and a knowing in the heart that this beautiful little girl is ours - our daughter.  Can you believe it?!!

We Are Overjoyed!


Julie said...

Now I really want my proposal today so we can share the date and get together and celebrate every year! What a beautiful post, day and Daughter!!! Did you know that Kidist is probably my most favorite Ethiopian name? I love Tessa, and I am so happy that you guys found each other. Happy referralversary!!


Little Ethiopia(n) said...

ok...julie just said EVERYTHING I was going to say...even the "I hope our referral is today so we can share the day" comment! Dag that Julie!

I love love love the photo of Tessa now looking at Tessa then...what a crazy wonderful year it's been.

And I have to add...We are so glad we found YOUR WHOLE FAMILY! xoxo--kat

Calmil2 said...

Okay, Julie and Kat just said what I was going to say...even the "i hope our refereal is today..." wait a minute, we're not even on the wait list, never mind :)
What a great post about your referral day! I'm so glad I got to meet Tessa, she's so sweet and so are you :)

coffeemom said...

Just still so good.....such a great anniversary to remember...go celebrate your beautiful girl and your beautiful family!!!!!! Love M

Anonymous said...

I remember that!!!!
Time goes so fast. I am glad that Tessa is with you.


Jen said...

Congrats! What a ride! Enjoy!

Ladybugs appear said...

wow, thanks for sharing. Tessa and LT remind me a bit of each other. I can't wait to see you guys soon. congrats on a year.

Amber said...

okay so I am late on commenting. But, I loved getting those butterflies in my stomach listening to how you learned about your sweet sweet daughter through a long distance phone call and how beautiful and perfect she came into your lives forever. Too amazing for words :)