Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Day In Court

Today Tessa became the newest and, in our completely humble and unbiased opinion of course,  cutest little American!!

What an amazing experience!  We hadn't been expecting much beyond sign here and swear that.  But it was so much more.  Adoptions and re-adoptions are only held on Friday afternoons so we got to wait with a lot of other families.  And I'm telling you,  Disneyland had nothing on that waiting area today.  There was such a feeling of just plain old happiness and joy - complete with balloons and family and laughter - that it washed over you!  
The judge we had was wonderful.  She was genuinely delighted for us and OK who wouldn't love a judge that starts clapping for your child after finalizing their re-adoption?!  She even had a great sense of humor when Neilan activated and began talking into the microphones at the lawyers tables behind us.  It was a wonderful day!

(Tessa picking her own little commemorative teddy bear as we left the courtroom.)

We love you Tessa bessa belle!!