Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkins and Halloween

Much fun was had by all on our trip to the pumpkin patch last Thursday (it's been 90 degrees here so there's a lot to be said about buying your pumpkins at the last minute).  Little Ms. T could not get enough of the big orange things. Who knew she was such a pumpkin connoisseur? Rolling around the dirt in her summer dress was a lot of fun to.  Neilan's favorite parts?  Hands down the giant slide and bounce house of course.  He didn't think the pumpkins were half bad either.

Halloween night we had so much fun with Tinkerbell and Harry Potter. 

While Tinkerbell didn't fully get the significance of the evening she was pretty darn excited about putting on her special fairy dress and holding her wand.  So excited in fact that little Ms. Tink wanted to sleep in her beautiful outfit.

A mean, mean mommy made her take it off.  

Harry on the other hand, being the far more experienced trick-or-treater of the two, changed into something more comfortable to inventory the HUGE haul they took in.

We couldn't seem to get a good shot of Tinkerbell and Harry together. 

Apparently fairies are very good at spotting Halloween ghosts!


Julie said...

So incredibly cute! T looks like she has gained weight! Must be all the candy. (;

coffeemom said...

Gee whiz, you have some gorgeous kiddos! The tinkerbell outfit - love it love it. My first daughter, now 13, had one very similar (a gift from her aunt) when she toddled. So great. Love the pics. I just gave our candy to some starving college boys so I don't eat it all! Love the season. M