Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wild Fires

I love living in California but the one thing I don't love is the Santa Ana winds and the wild fire season they bring.  This very moment I'm watching smoke and fire from the Porter Ranch fire inch their way across the mountain ridges straight for the community we live in.  There are water-dropping planes overhead and huge helicopter cranes dropping their buckets into the local pond scooping up water to drop on the flames. 

We're as ready as we can be.  If you live in Southern California you should be, need to be.  I already keep our photos and important papers in boxes that are easy to grab and load and I have a video tape of the inside of the house - our inventory of everything left behind.  

Hopefully this will all turn out to be nothing more then a 'fire drill' for us. Practice for another time when wind, drought and terrain conspire against us. But right now all we can do is watch the winds and pray this isn't that time. 


Heather said...


Oh my goodness... that is scary! You and your family are welcome to come stay with us if you need to evacuate. Please do not hesitate a moment if you feel things are getting too smokey or the fire is too close.
Please be careful.


msl said...

Heather, Thank you for your generosity - it's very appreciated! We're OK right now and just waiting to see where this fire is going to go. Have to say it is a little scary. We're hoping the winds are going to cooperate tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!

coffeemom said...

I remember those fires and being prepped to evacuate. It's scary, and smelly, and weird colored skies. Keeping you guys in prayers and my thoughts, Stay safe out there! M