Sunday, October 19, 2008


Bad, bad blogger that I am I've been tagged for awhile now but I'm just getting to it.  So, let the randomness begin....

1. I've got a freakishly strong gag reflex.  I literally can't even hold a pen between my lips without gagging on it.  I'm an uber nightmare at the dentist's office. 

2. I was a huge Princess Diana fan.  Yes I'm admitting it - a huge Diana Fan. Despite this, it's my friends and husband (who truly could care less) who had all the Diana encounters.  I had one friend introduced to her at lunch and another who ran into her coming out of Harrod's.  I wrangled a seat to her dress auction in NY (we couldn't have afforded anything and I have no idea why I got in) but it was my husband who attended when I very, very sadly couldn't.  My husband has even stayed in the same suite she had at a hotel in Chicago.  Me - nothing.

3.  I've been to the Oscars twice.   And yes, it was Awesome!

4.  I was an exchange student to Kenya when I was 16 and had a man offer my host sister 6 cows for me.  Apparently that was a pretty good price at the time. She turned him down.  I think she was afraid she'd have some big explaining to do later.  She was sad she didn't get the cows.

5. I can't stand the feel of dirt or sand on my feet. I have to stop and wipe my feet clean on grass after playing in the sand with my kids.  

6. I backpacked through Europe by myself when I was in college. I was braver then.

7.  I L.O.V.E. model homes. I love everything about them.  I will go with you to see a model anytime, anywhere and as many times as you want.  On occasion I have been known to pretend said model home is actually mine. Did I mention I love model homes?

And there you go!  


coffeemom said...

FUN! And, hey, SIX cows?!! I'm impressed! Great claim to fame!

Heather said...

Fantastic randomness! I would love to hear more about being an exchange student, that sounds incredible. Oh, and I will go view model homes with you ANYTIME! I love them too! I also love open houses, Chris laughs at me because my idea of a fun Sunday is grabbing a cup of coffee and going to all the open houses in the neighborhood.

msl said...

Heather - I'm so there with you on the open houses! Love those to!