Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes, We Are Alive!

We're back!! Rest assured we are alive if not to well at the moment.  All the kiddos at Gladney seem to be battling either upper airway infections or pneumonia and unfortunately Tessa has been sick since the first day and we both caught it.  On top of that, my mom has been hospitalized twice since we got back.  Fun times. 

Tessa is truly amazing but things have been a work in progress.  While it was love at first sight for us I can't say the same for her.  In fact, I would have to say it was more like 'get those people the hell away from me NOW' for her.  She would go to anyone else as long as it was not me or Joe. I kid you not, anyone else was better then us. The child literally cried just looking at me.  While the Gladney training sessions had prepped us for the possibility of a child having a hard time transitioning I tell you  it is one thing to know it intellectually and another thing all together to experience it.  I was OK with it until last Sunday when I realized we had planes to get on the next day.  I then proceeded to have a full blown panic attack.  Luckily the plane rides - while loooooonnnnnggggg - provided a bonding/breakthrough for us all.  Little Ms. Tessa is finally showing us her true personality and she is an absolute joy!  She is quick to laugh and smile and she has the cutest little LaLa song she 'sings' as she tries to toddle along.  Really just to cute for words.  Neilan is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to not being our only anymore but time will help with that.  I will post again later when we have more of our sea legs under us.  There is a lot to tell but I need to process it a little more first.  Thank you to everyone who has called and sent such kind messages of support and congratulations.  I can't wait for you all to meet Tessa!  To tie you over, this photo was taken on our last day at the Guest House.  Isn't she beautiful?!


coffeemom said...

WOOOHOOOOOO!! Shes' gorgeous! SO much bigger than when we cuddled her! Oh just beautiful. SO SO sorry it's being a hard adjustment. I'm sure the illness for all adds to it to an factor of a thousand. And because of that I'll forgive you for the long wait...been stalking and waiting for your resurfacing. SO glad to see you back. You will stay in my prayers and I know Tess will keep blooming and you will all settle in soon! Hang in there, feel better! ANd kiss that sweet head of Tess! Welcome home!!!!

Natalie Fournet said...

She is adorable! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your helpful to those still waiting!

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Good to hear from you and that you are home safe and sound.
Thrilled to hear that Tessa is now realizes how great Mom and Dad are! Hiwot has been the same way with her Daddy and it has been hard on him as well. She is slowly adjusting to him as well thankfully.

Julie said...

She is beautiful. Congratulations! ( I found your blog through Heather's).

Ellen said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! I am sorry you are going through so much right now with your family and illnesses.