Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Moments

Saturday we had a little family outing to the mall (yep, you can't get more suburban then that but it was also about 95 degrees here yesterday so don't judge!)  I was actually excited to load up the kids and take them because about 10 months ago I'd met a really nice woman who works at the Macy's and who also happens to be Ethiopian!  Over the course of the last 10 months whenever I was in the mall I'd find Mimi and keep her updated on what was going on with the adoption. Saturday was my chance to finally introduce our beautiful daughter to her!  Mimi was very excited to meet the lovely Ms.Tessa and immediately began speaking to her in Amharic and reaching out to hold her.  Tessa got a big smile on her face and her tiny eyebrows started going up and down.  This always cracks me up when I see her doing this and is apparently a cultural thing.  The Gladney in-country people told me it's like saying 'OK'.  Mimi held her speaking all the little endearments I'd heard Tessa's caretakers saying to her in Ethiopia. But you know what - and this is big -  after a moment Tessa reached back for me!!  First a little then with a loud protest cry!  Tessa absolutely wanted to be back in my arms!!  When I was holding her once more, Mimi tried speaking to her in Amharic again asking Tessa if she wanted her to hold her.  Tessa shook her head no and wrapped her arms firmly around my neck even though she was clearly enjoying hearing Amharic again.  I guess Tessa has officially decided I can be her mother and I can't begin to put into words the sheer happiness - and to be honest the relief - I feel.

Tonight we had another great moment. Neilan was going to bed and little Tessa (or as I'm thinking of renaming her  'I'm never going to sleep - not now, not ever') and I were tucking him in. We were laying together in Neilan's bed cuddling with Tessa in the middle.  She was trying very hard to hug us at the same time with those little arms of hers.  Neilan was laughing at Tessa and she was giggling at him and I tell you all was completely and sublimely right with the universe in those wonderful moments.  And then... Tessa threw up.  
I guess tummies full of formula and attacks of the giggles with your big brother don't mix. 

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Heather said...

What a wonderful moment that must have been for Tessa to reach for her mom! Brings tears to my eyes! And it sounds like Neilan and Tessa are going to be the best of friends! He sounds like he will be the best big brother ever. Can't wait to meet your family!

p.s. I will email you new photos of *M soon!