Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If You Had A Wish What Would It Be?

Last night we tied our wishes to trees.  We were in Pasadena to see an art project called 'Wish Tree for Pasadena'.   You write your wishes on small pieces of white paper and then tie them to the branches of potted crepe myrle trees.  In November all the wishes will be collected from the trees and sent to Videy Island off the coast of Iceland to be combined with wishes from around the world as part of Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower project in honor of John Lennon.  

There are so many wishes from so many people hanging from the trees that they looked as if they had thousand of white flowers dancing from their branches in the evening breeze. 

So what did we wish?   Neilan wished to meet Nemo.  I wished for my children to know real joy in their lives.  Tessa's wish...well, I wrote one for her too.   Neilan then helped with all the tying on duties. 
Other wishes that I saw ranged from the very funny to sweet to profound to absolutely heartbreaking - so much feeling and thought hanging from the branches of the trees.

So, what would your wish be?

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coffeemom said...

YOu know mine: fast adoption process! Ok, plus for the welfare of all those orphans who will break our hearts forever.