Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Please say a prayer for my mother.  She was admitted for the third time to the hospital yesterday (this time to Cedars in LA) and it looks like she has a serious heart condition.  We find out tomorrow how bad it is and as you can imagine my entire family is extremely anxious and frightened right now.  Tessa spent 5 hours at the hospital with us yesterday while they were admitting my mom through the emergency room.  So much for all the advice about not subjecting your newly adopted child to too much stimulation and keeping your life simple for the first month.  Tessa had her own run in with hospitals today when she went for her first physical and blood draw.  (This was scheduled before we left to get Tessa and my mother insisted we keep the appointment) It was so traumatic for her she ended up projectile vomiting all over me and the hospital bed we were sitting on while they took the blood samples.  And, we have to do this two more times to finish all the blood tests her doctor wants done.  

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Heather said...


I certainly will say a prayer for your mom. If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask. If you need someone to come and babysit, just give me a call!!

xo Heather