Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's In A Name?

Maybe the question should be Can your family and friends say it?
We had wanted a first name that we loved and was easy to pronounce.  We thought we had it. We really did. But after listening to family (yes, that means you my darling sisters) and friends mispronounced Marielle (It's Mary-L not Mary-ul) time and again  -even after being corrected - we are officially throwing in the towel!

It's bad enough that people never get our last name right.  OK, Canadians do but apparently they've also had a well known politician with this last name so there you go.  But your average American? Not gonna happen. Believe me, my husband's been working with this for over 40 years. It can get pretty ugly.  So the last thing we wanted was to pick a first name that was going to require our daughter to correct people all the time.  

We thought 'Marielle'.  Simple.  Elegant.  We loved it.  It's pronounced liked it's spelled.  What could be better?  Well....  after listening to interesting tongue twistings and numerous mispronunciations we can tell you what's better ......  Tessa!  

Yep, after first testing the pronunciation waters this time, we've decided to go ahead and make a change. While we still love the name Marielle we do not love the thought of our daughter having to set people right the rest of her life (she'll get enough of that with her last name.)  And it wasn't a hard choice  - we also love the name Tessa.  And you know, after the decision was made it somehow felt more like our daughter's name in ways that Marielle hadn't.  Maybe because Tessa had the benefit of not being mispronounced - not even once - by any of our 'say our daughter's name back to us'  guinea pigs (uhhh I mean family and friends.)

What's in a name?  Everything... but you might want to make sure they can say it first!

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coffeemom said...

Love the name Tessa, ok, loved Marielle too (and I said it right, just FYI) but Tessa is a good she can be a kid with and be a grown strong woman with. All good! Soon, she'll be in your arms and nothing else is gonna be important! Counting down....