Friday, August 1, 2008

Weight and Dates

I eat when I'm stressed out (chocolate being my personal drug of choice) so in the last two and a half months with all the delays and uncertainty  I've managed to gain.......wait for it cause I'm still gettin' up the nerve to even type it .......15lbs!! URRRRR!  Someone please wire my jaw shut at this point PLEASE!!  Unfortunately, the e-mail I just got from Gladney isn't going to make this weekend any less of a stressfest.  The courts in ET are closing on the 7th now instead of the 8th!  That means the last day for anything to get through court will be Aug. 6th.  So, the 5th will be make or break for us as far as being able to travel now for little Ms. K vs. November or December. I had rather foolishly thought if there was a slight problem on the 5th we could still maybe get back into court on the 6th & 7th and even as late as the morning of the 8th.  There goes that little security blanket of naivete.  So the 5th it absolutely, no other chance before the close of court, has to be!!!!  Oh and could someone please pass the chocolate!!

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