Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not Yet

We didn't pass court today.  Little Ms. K's birth mother was at court and relinquished but no opinion was sent over.  So we wait until tomorrow.  Please keep praying for us, sending us good vibes, karma or simply crossing your fingers for us.  Tomorrow is another day and we have one more chance to make it through before the court closings.  I'm basically OK with things right now - nervous but OK .  At least I can breath since we did get over one major hurdle today but talk to me tomorrow if we don't get through and Jessica calls to give me an OCTOBER court date.  That will be a different story.  For now it's alright.  

We are also thinking of little Ms. K's mother today - a day that was, in all likelihood,  exceedingly hard for her and hoping she finds peace and knows we will love and cherish K for her and that we are profoundly thankful to her for the sacrifice and gift she gave us. 

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