Friday, August 15, 2008

E-mail and Snail Mail

Guess what we got in the mail today?  Yep!  Our airline tickets!!!!  2 weeks and we are off to get Marielle!!!  Not a minute to soon cause guess what else we got today?  Another update!!!  And here is some of what Joanna had to say about our girl....

"Here we go!  Kidist seems to be making a shift out of infancy!  Her face and movements are maturing and words are replacing some of the crying!  Kidist has developed a passed down trait in many Ethiopians, not to mention a form of communication, the raised eyebrow!  It is used to 'agree with', like us saying 'okay' and is particularly cute on a little baby!   Kidist has some little dimples that are becoming more prominent and likes her minestrone soup!  She was holding onto her crib today and I was taking turns kissing one hand at a time and each time she would pull that hand back; staring at me but never backing up!  She is too much for words!

So the excitement - and packing, getting the house ready, making arrangments for N stress -  builds as we get ready for our trip.  I can't wait to hold our girl  - to get a little of her infancy before she moves into full blown toddlerhood! So close!!


ashley said...

I put the camera card in the mail today!!! Kidist is too cute for words. she has the most expressive eyes! She was alittle stand offish at first, didnt cry just looked at me like, ummm who is this holding me??

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