Monday, July 14, 2008

Updates - I LOVE Updates!

We got an update today on Little Ms. K!!  I am really starting to live for these updates and Joanna in ET continues to be one of my all time favorite people for providing them!!  Here is some of what she had to say...

"What a smile! K's grins will burn a permanent picture in anybody's memory!  She may have heard how cute they were because she is smiling a lot more.  K is a happy baby and that is undoubtedly helping her develop! K is a 'girly girl' so bring plenty of pink!

And OH the photo they sent!!  When I opened the new photo of her, N said 'She's sooo cute!' which I thought was soooo cute! Spoken like a true big brother!! Little Ms. K was laughing in the photo and I could see some of her new baby teeth!  And her toes!!  I love baby toes!  There is always something so sweet about them. And in today's photo her little toes were front and center.  I can't wait to kiss each and every one of them!  Not that I'm prejudice or anything but Ms. K is simply a beautiful little girl!
Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for us a court date comes soon and we manage to pass on our first try!!  We can't wait to bring our baby girl home!

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