Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updates and Court Dates

We just received an update on little Ms. K!  Here is some of what it said:

K is doing great! She is very strong and able to do most of the requirements by the end of the 10th month on her development chart!  K uses 'immature jargoning' but otherwise does not say much.   K is definitely more comfortable around familiar faces but crying is a big part of her communication regardless!  She is easily more accepting of new women than new men and only those who meet her basic needs, on a constant basis, will be able to bond closely with K.  K is a jewel and worth any extra effort but 'quality' and quantity' will be one and the same! 

There was also a new photo! The expression on little Ms. K's face is what I like to call "baby mugshot"!  My niece had that same look on her face in update photos my sister would get. Tooo funny!
Today officially marks ONE WEEK UNTIL OUR COURT DATE!  Please keep your fingers crossed for us! This has been a long wait and we are missing so many things (like a first birthday Aug. 10th!)  K changes everyday as baby do at this age and we hate having to miss these things!

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