Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Phone Calls

The conference call.
Yesterday was the Monday Gladney conference call and for the first time it included ALL of the Gladney families adopting from ET.   The Q&A portion was hard to hear - a lot of  background noise and such.  But  - and here was the punch I never saw coming - towards the very end of the call, Natalie, one of Gladney's African caseworker, explained that last year some families that didn't make the cut off before the close of court didn't get to travel for their children until mid December!  AND, they are expecting the travel to perhaps be longer this year because of the ongoing situation.  We are now talking perhaps JANUARY!  OMG!

I lost it.  Joe got the first tearful message.  When I thought I had recovered enough and could sound composed I called our caseworker Jessica. She got the following message.. "Jessica  - at this point I knew I hadn't recovered enough but it was to late I was already in  - (voice quivering) please (little sniffle) call me tomorrow. (clearly trying not to cry now) Please call me I really (quiver, sniff) need to talk to you." Yeah, so much for composure.  Oh and by the way did I mention this was all happening at the center where N gets therapy?  I'm literally out in the hallway with all the other moms and kids walking past me while N's in PT .  Thank goodness he also had playgroup so I dropped him off and went home where my friend Mackenzie got treated to a 20 minute tear-filled phone call rant. (Thank you Mackenzie for listening and being so patient!)

The call today.
I got a hold of Jessica this morning and she told me she'd just heard from the staff in ET and K's mother is back! (First, thank God she is alright - we were truly worried about her)  Belay, the Gladney staff person in ET, is going to met with her tomorrow to see what happened, and to arrange for her to sign all the final needed paperwork.  As Jessica said,  this is VERY good news!!  At least we may find out if we can get going on even requesting a court date. I told Jessica we weren't expecting to clear court but we REALLY, REALLY  want to have a court date before Aug. 8th so we could perhaps travel much sooner then January.  

I guess we'll have to see what Belay has to say tomorrow after speaking to K's mother.  Please keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow's phone call brings some much needed good news! 

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