Monday, June 9, 2008

Houston We have A Problem - Part II

Gladney had a conference call today for all the families who already have court dates and those, like us, who are waiting for their court dates.  The Gladney staff pretty much went over the situation in ET again and were, for the most part,  reassuring that things should be moving along in another week (they hope).  OK that part was pretty good.  Here's the part were things got a little rocky.  I spoke directly with Jessica, our Gladney caseworker, and she had some not so good news for us.  No one can locate K's mother. Not even her family knows where she is. This is a big issue since the birth mother is required to go to court to relinquish parental rights to complete an adoption.  Jessica has informed us that the staff in ET will now be looking for another family member to go to court to take legal responsibility for K.  Once that is done, this family member could relinquish parental rights when we finally get a court date.  In a nutshell, they need someone to take responsibility for K so that that someone can relinquish responsibility for K.   Tomorrow I'm supposed to find out how long the Gladney staff in ET thinks this may take.  In the meantime we are truly concerned about K's birth mother's welfare - we are hoping she is alright!!

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