Friday, June 6, 2008

Kind People with Cameras Part II

WooHoo for e-mail!! Yesterday I got an e-mail from a great couple who just got back from picking up their new son in ET.  Tara (she of the great couple) sent me 13 (that's right 13!) new photos of our beautiful little Ms. K!  And Tara wrote this about her:

Let me tell you about your sweet K!  She is obviously just lovely, but she also has the sweetest personality! As you will see in the first picture, she was peering her little head outside of her bed so that she could look and smile at us in the hallway.  It was so cute that she was trying to get our attention and when she finally did, we picked her up and played with her a long time.  She looked and stared with huge eyes at her picture book you sent and seemed enthralled with it :)
We just loved your sweet baby girl!!!

And yes little Ms. K  is just lovely!  And no we CAN'T WAIT to hold her ourselves!  Now as for being enthralled with the picture book well, the look on little Ms. K's face (as she was staring at a baby photo album of pictures of us and grandma and cousins) was more the look of   'who ARE these people?'  It totally cracked me up!

We are so grateful to Tara and her husband for taking over our gifts to K and for the gift Tara gave us of all those amazing photos of K.  They are kind people with cameras and we are very thankful!

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