Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goodie Bag Hell

In all the excitement and joy of receiving our referral for our daughter, I've been slipping on planning N's birthday party and it kind of caught up with me.  Yesterday, I was in complete and total goodie bag hell! Stressing - actually stressing - about what the heck to put in these things that 1) won't cost a mint - because that junk really adds up by the time you've bought enough for 20 kids  2)somehow ties into the theme of N's party (space and planets) and 3) because it kills me to just buy straight crap -  locate things that have some kind of interest or educational something about them.  YEEEEEEEE  - why do I cave on these things every time?  Of that's right, the kids expect them and I'm feeling the pressure!  So, lord help me, N is getting goodie bags at his party. And they all better appreciate them!

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