Thursday, May 8, 2008

Referral Accepted!!

Joe sent the greatest e-mail to me today (he's been in meetings in Boston and NY through all of this and it's been hard for him to get to phones when calls have come in from Gladney).  I e-mailed him this morning what our pediatrician said   -- K's reports look fabulous--  and about the additional info Gladney gave us this morning.  His one word email?     YES!    So, we have officially accepted the referral for our beautiful little girl!!  Now we move on to the wait for a court date!  According to Gladney this wait is typically 4- 6  weeks. Keep your fingers and toes crossed we sail through in this timeline and on the first try!!  Joe and I are more then anxious to beat the August 8th closing of the courts for the rainy season. We REALLY  REALLY don't want to have to wait until October now that we've seen her - I just want her home with us! 

Until a successful court date we are not allowed to post pictures of our little cutie or tell you her name on this blog but, if I haven't sent you a photo yet, just e-mail me and I'll make sure you get to see her! She is so absolutely cute it's ridicules!!

I can't tell you how happy and thrilled we are!!!

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