Friday, May 9, 2008

Kind People with Cameras

I emailed Angie last night- she's a woman who's blog I've been following as she and her husband made their way to Ethiopia and their new son.  She had mentioned in her blog that she had pictures of some of the other children in the Gladney home and if you contacted her she would check to see if she had a picture of your little one.  So I did!  And Angie not only emailed me back, she had THREE of the most beautiful pictures of our little girl!! Laughter, tears, ugly cry!! Then it got even better (if that was even possible!) she and her husband sent me a little video clip of K!!! AMAZING! 
Michele, another woman who's blog I've also been following, is on her way to Ethiopia and her new son tomorrow.  In the mist of all her last minute packing and making arrangements for her family here, she offered to take photos and check on K for us!   These are very kind people with cameras and we are very thankful to them!

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Marcela said...

It is amazing!!!!!!! I am really happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet her.

Happy mothers day!