Monday, May 12, 2008

It's A Girl Thing

I caved this weekend - TOTALLY caved- and bought our beautiful Ms. K some of the cutest little girly girl outfits you've ever seen!

Shopping for clothes for Nthese last 5 years (oh my gosh my baby is going to be 5!!) I've often looked over at the other substantially larger side of the store (witnessed the 1/3 of the store space allotted to boys clothes vs. the 2/3 space allotted for the girls) and it's oh so cute selections (boys clothes - same T Shirt different frog, truck or surfboard on the front and hey, cargo shorts for everyone!) and had some serious girls clothes envy going on. So after 5 years of built up girls clothes lust, I finally got my fix! AND OH YEAH it was a BIG fix!!

OK in all fairness there are some really cute boy things out there - just not to the level of the girl's stuff . And yes, I've gone crazy buying things for - he is just such a way cute kid I can't help myself - but Ohmygosh the girl things!!!

Making my first purchases at Gymboree I started thinking about how adorable K is going to look in all the little dresses and jumpers I was buying and that I was really buying them for our new daughter and I chocked up - yep right there at the counter. 

Some of the Cute Insanity From This Weekend

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