Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Draught and Starvation in the Horn Of Africa

We care because our daughter is coming from Ethiopia. We care because we are parents. We care because how can you read any of this, see any of this on the news and not care. The words, the images are heartbreaking and overwhelming.
This article about the draught and starvation taking place in the Horn of Africa appeared in the NY Times Saturday. CNN ran this article today about the starvation taking place in Ethiopia. The situation is clearly turning into a major humanitarian disaster and the hardest hit are the children.  You can go to the UNICEF information page to learn more about what is happening. And, if you can, please, PLEASE make a donation to UNICEF's Ethiopian famine relief fund. ( Click here for a link to that site) Or donate to UNICEF's Horn of Africa drought relief fund. (Click here  for a link to that site)

Anything will help.

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