Friday, May 30, 2008

IMPATIENT (the definition)

1. restlessly eager : they are impatient for change  [with infinitive]  he was impatient to be on his way.

And WE ARE!!  

Still no court date. Checked the phone - working.  Checked to make sure Gladney has our correct phone numbers - yep.  And still NO CALL WITH A COURT DATE!  Today is exactly 3 weeks and 1 day waiting for this date.  I'm not a patient person (OK family stop nodding your heads in total agreement and laughing) and the wait is killing me.  No court date means we are getting closer to not making the August cut off for the close of courts.  No court date means we may be looking at a really LONG wait to get little Ms. K.  Urrrrrrrrrrrr

On the plus side I have baby proofers coming today to put the latches on the cabinets and bolt the tall furniture to the walls.  So I will just have to be satisfied with the small steps.  But please,  that phone better ring soon!  

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting AGAIN

It's been two weeks since we accepted our referral for little Ms. K and waiting for a court date officially sucks! In a lot of ways this is sooo much worse then waiting for our referral because we have a beautiful face, a name, a little girl who is waiting for us now to! Plus, I am so anxious about beating the August deadline when the courts close for the rainy season. Don't they know I simply can't wait until OCTOBER to get our girl! I keep willing the phone to ring but so far silence. So here we are again - WAITING! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us that the phone rings soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Draught and Starvation in the Horn Of Africa

We care because our daughter is coming from Ethiopia. We care because we are parents. We care because how can you read any of this, see any of this on the news and not care. The words, the images are heartbreaking and overwhelming.
This article about the draught and starvation taking place in the Horn of Africa appeared in the NY Times Saturday. CNN ran this article today about the starvation taking place in Ethiopia. The situation is clearly turning into a major humanitarian disaster and the hardest hit are the children.  You can go to the UNICEF information page to learn more about what is happening. And, if you can, please, PLEASE make a donation to UNICEF's Ethiopian famine relief fund. ( Click here for a link to that site) Or donate to UNICEF's Horn of Africa drought relief fund. (Click here  for a link to that site)

Anything will help.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Walk To Beautiful

Nova aired the documentary 'A Walk To Beautiful' tonight. The documentary followed the plight of five women who had suffered injuries during childbirth called fistulas (fistulas are holes through which urine and sometimes fecal matter leak uncontrollably through the vaginal opening). The women were abandoned by husbands and shunned by communities and families.

It was amazing to see the courage, perseverance and grace all these women showed in their determination to be healed as well as witness the work of the hospital staff -the doctors and nurses who worked with the women and treated them with such compassion and humanity.

However, while the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is able to do about 30 surgeries a week, or about 1500 cases a year, they estimated there are another 100,000 cases left untreated in the remote areas of Ethiopia. This is not just an Ethiopian problem. This is a world wide problem - 'a silent and prevalent epidemic' one surgeon called it - of poor women in remote areas all over the developing world.

To learn more, or if you want to make a donation to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, please go to

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's A Girl Thing

I caved this weekend - TOTALLY caved- and bought our beautiful Ms. K some of the cutest little girly girl outfits you've ever seen!

Shopping for clothes for Nthese last 5 years (oh my gosh my baby is going to be 5!!) I've often looked over at the other substantially larger side of the store (witnessed the 1/3 of the store space allotted to boys clothes vs. the 2/3 space allotted for the girls) and it's oh so cute selections (boys clothes - same T Shirt different frog, truck or surfboard on the front and hey, cargo shorts for everyone!) and had some serious girls clothes envy going on. So after 5 years of built up girls clothes lust, I finally got my fix! AND OH YEAH it was a BIG fix!!

OK in all fairness there are some really cute boy things out there - just not to the level of the girl's stuff . And yes, I've gone crazy buying things for - he is just such a way cute kid I can't help myself - but Ohmygosh the girl things!!!

Making my first purchases at Gymboree I started thinking about how adorable K is going to look in all the little dresses and jumpers I was buying and that I was really buying them for our new daughter and I chocked up - yep right there at the counter. 

Some of the Cute Insanity From This Weekend

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goodie Bag Hell

In all the excitement and joy of receiving our referral for our daughter, I've been slipping on planning N's birthday party and it kind of caught up with me.  Yesterday, I was in complete and total goodie bag hell! Stressing - actually stressing - about what the heck to put in these things that 1) won't cost a mint - because that junk really adds up by the time you've bought enough for 20 kids  2)somehow ties into the theme of N's party (space and planets) and 3) because it kills me to just buy straight crap -  locate things that have some kind of interest or educational something about them.  YEEEEEEEE  - why do I cave on these things every time?  Of that's right, the kids expect them and I'm feeling the pressure!  So, lord help me, N is getting goodie bags at his party. And they all better appreciate them!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kind People with Cameras

I emailed Angie last night- she's a woman who's blog I've been following as she and her husband made their way to Ethiopia and their new son.  She had mentioned in her blog that she had pictures of some of the other children in the Gladney home and if you contacted her she would check to see if she had a picture of your little one.  So I did!  And Angie not only emailed me back, she had THREE of the most beautiful pictures of our little girl!! Laughter, tears, ugly cry!! Then it got even better (if that was even possible!) she and her husband sent me a little video clip of K!!! AMAZING! 
Michele, another woman who's blog I've also been following, is on her way to Ethiopia and her new son tomorrow.  In the mist of all her last minute packing and making arrangements for her family here, she offered to take photos and check on K for us!   These are very kind people with cameras and we are very thankful to them!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Referral Accepted!!

Joe sent the greatest e-mail to me today (he's been in meetings in Boston and NY through all of this and it's been hard for him to get to phones when calls have come in from Gladney).  I e-mailed him this morning what our pediatrician said   -- K's reports look fabulous--  and about the additional info Gladney gave us this morning.  His one word email?     YES!    So, we have officially accepted the referral for our beautiful little girl!!  Now we move on to the wait for a court date!  According to Gladney this wait is typically 4- 6  weeks. Keep your fingers and toes crossed we sail through in this timeline and on the first try!!  Joe and I are more then anxious to beat the August 8th closing of the courts for the rainy season. We REALLY  REALLY don't want to have to wait until October now that we've seen her - I just want her home with us! 

Until a successful court date we are not allowed to post pictures of our little cutie or tell you her name on this blog but, if I haven't sent you a photo yet, just e-mail me and I'll make sure you get to see her! She is so absolutely cute it's ridicules!!

I can't tell you how happy and thrilled we are!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today was the day! This afternoon the phone rang and our lives changed forever!! Jessica, our Gladney caseworker, was calling to tell us about our baby girl! Our baby girl! My hands began shaking - the kind of shaking you get when hearing life changing in the most amazing way, happiness without bounds kind of news! I asked Jessica if I could call her back because I needed to try and get Joe on the phone so we could hear about our daughter together. Joe is traveling on business in NY and Boston and I think I must have left about 100 messages on his cellphone to the effect of "CALLMENOWWEHAVEADAUGHTER!! JOECALLMEEEEEE!!!! CALLMENOWWWWW!!!!" No luck! Today of all days I couldn't get him on the phone!!

I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until tomorrow to see our little girl without literally exploding all over the walls so Neilan and I called Jessica back and together we watched as his new baby sister's pictures came up on the computer screen!! And she is absolutely, totally and completely gorgeous!! Jessica began trying to go through all the paperwork with me but at this point I had to bribe Neilan (gummie worms galore and TV in the middle of the day!) so I could hear what she was saying. Jessica spent 30 minutes going through all of Kidist's information with me and I honestly don't think I heard half of what she said - I just couldn't take my eyes off our daughter's sweet, beautiful face. Kidist is almost 9 months old. She is a tiny little thing with huge, soulful eyes that reach deep into your heart and grab ahold. She is simply beyond words and I am so profoundly grateful that I have been given this gift of getting to be her mother!

Poor Joe!! He was able to finally call an hour later from the back seat of his cab as he was going through the tunnels in Boston. He was on a delayed flight from NY when the call came and had just gotten my many, many messages. Now my poor husband had to wait until getting to his hotel to see pictures of his new daughter. When he called I could hear the sheer happiness in his voice as he told me he'd just seen his daughter's face. Like me it was love at first sight and a knowing in the heart that this beautiful little girl is ours - our daughter. Can you believe it?!!

We Are Overjoyed!