Thursday, April 24, 2008

And The Wait Goes On (but maybe we're getting close!)

A little update...  Another couple using Gladney who went on the wait list Jan. 4th received their referral for a little boy two days ago!  This is good news because Joe and I went on the list Jan. 8th!  So keep your fingers crossed we are getting closer even though the wait for girls is supposed to be a little longer then for boys.  Soooo, wait mode still - but moving closer to our daughter everyday!

I know I've already asked a number of you already but... it doesn't hurt to ask again....If you (or any anyone you know)  have any old suitcases that are still functional (i.e. can survive a flight to Ethiopia still closed!) that you no longer want,  we would love to have them to pack humanitarian aid in when we do go to Ethiopia to pick up our little girl.  Most importantly, if you have any new or slightly used cloths for children ANY size from 0 - 19 years you could send us to take along - including day clothes, pajamas, underwear,  shoes - we would be very grateful for your generosity!  All these clothes will be going to the orphanages that Gladney works with in Ethiopia and J and I would like to take as much as we possibly can!

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